Digital Strategy Building

If you are frustrated over not gaining an increase in your company revenue even after having invested in many marketing agencies, what you must be lacking is not a bigger boosting budget but a better strategy!!

While many digital marketing agencies limit their services to posting & boosting posts, we here at Bizmo Technology are dedicated to giving you our fullest attention with regard to your business expectations. We ensure to keep your targets in our minds and we implement measurements that can increase your brand’s growth before your very eyes!

In today's world , zero moment of truth is the main sensitive time span of a modern consumer.That’s why we have to manage our digital strategy to align with the ZMOT to expose your brand towards the purchase intention and brand loyalty.

Our professionals are passionate about building you the best strategy to help you in your company’s social media optimization as well as lead generation. We cater to a vast segment of customers, so even if you are looking to grow a personality as a brand, we are the best digital marketing strategy builders available here in Sri Lanka.

If you contact us, you are bound to discover that Bizmo Technology has the most unique concepts that you will not find anywhere else, and also the good news is that they work tremendously well without ripping you off! Thus, make an appointment and visit Bizmo Technology, and let us unfold before you the secrets behind out of the box digital marketing!!

Content Marketing

If your dream is to create a sustainable brand loyalty towards your product , content marketing will support you within a vast range.It is incomplete unless you gather the relevant information to make a decision. That is why we refer to “content as the king “ in Marketing strategies.

If you really want to make a connection with your target audience , Content marketing is the key of success.It will personally guilde your audience towards the purchase intention through proper content writing.

Remember , Your Clients may find thousands of other sellers to buy the same product even at a lower rate.But if you have quality content on your site , they will pause and have a look.Then will research about your products in detail.This is how you can differentiate the products through quality contents among other hundreds on competitors in the same industry.

We fulfill your requirement to complete continuous contents with the foremost SEO research.Being one of the best digital marketing companies in Sri Lanka , our dedicated staff will provide high quality content at an affordable price to you.

Brand Design & Strategy designs

Are you feeling tired of trying new logos and brand designings with new freelancers in the industry.Why don't you give it a chance to the experts and make a unique design for your business ?

We guarantee you to design the most customized logo design specially created for you to retain and gain more new visitors to your business. That will surely grab the exact audience as per their desires.

To be honest , a poor design may tarnish the image of your business. So it is better to go without graphic designs rather than having less quality images for your content.

But have to keep in mind that visualized images always retain in customers' minds.Then it is our duty to make your brand more loyal with the customized logos , contents images posts and other graphic designs

How we can help you through our graphic experts

  • Social Media Posts
  • Display Ad Banners
  • Logos
  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead & Envelopes