When diagnosing a disease, health officers subject you to a body scan. Likewise, in order to identify the (conceptual) disease that your brand is suffering from, you need to run a CIEEP scan!

In desperation of gaining more leads, many companies invest on marketing agencies that cost them bigger budgets with no actual performance in brand growth.

As a practice, we always scan and analyze your digital presence without jumping into opinionated conclusions. The CIEEP scan also comes in handy throughout the strategy building and execution process because SEO, brand awareness, backlinking and etc. are ongoing processes that needs to be monitored and maintained. Those who are aware of this will fully agree with us because it should be noted that we are not among the quacks that promise overnight branding success. The statistics that we provide along with the scan will speak for itself if you are still doubting its credibility.

Thus, get yourself a CIEEP scan done & experience the benefits that digital marketing can grant when executed with the right kind of drive!

Web Design and development

In this digital world , It is vital to create a customized website to generate more leads and income sourcers. A business would not be successful without having a digital presence in the current market. We at Bizmo Technologies will create the most unique website to your business with more uniques features

It will not be framed in a similar template as every one owns.The uniqueness of your business will be enhanced through an unique website as well.We offer you support and guidance to own the most SEO friendly , user friendly, more integrated website to accomplish your goals.

If your requirement is to expand your customer base through a unique website, bizmo technologies will automatically come to your mind as the best professional digital marketing company in Sri Lanka.Through our expertise service we ensure ceaseless engagements and long lasting relationship with your audience.

Website Analysis

It's not just one thing. We have never framed Web analysis as a single part of the story. Website analysis is the practice of testing and analyzing a website's performance in relation to SEO, speed, competition, and traffic to increase the reach and sales leads in your web.

Web strategy development is the initial step of our major process.We analyse the total web presence and create the exact digital touch points to make our project more effective.

All digital campaigns will be aligned through the experts in our team after a quality web analysis.This is a continuous process and we here entrust to look after your website in an elite manner.

Our collaboration will make your website a well grounded platform to your clients to engage with your business.